Getting results you want from P90X training

The key to the amazing results this program is capable of delivering is how the workouts are both consistent and intense. The majority of the exercises done in this program are combinations of several exercise or they have been modified in some may to include more muscles. Your metabolism will also be increased because of the increase in the amount of calories you will be burning everyday during the workouts.

You will even burn more calories when you sleep! How does this happen? Well, since you will be working your muscles, they will be developing and growing some of which takes place as you sleep. When muscles are developing they also burn calories all of which is due to increases in physical activities as with this program.


Is P90X just another bodybuilding program?

There is a common misconception about fitness, because many people associate fitness with body building. When bodybuilding is really only about enlarging muscle groups. Now, I’m not saying to totally disregard bodybuilding as it has many positive features. It’s just that bodybuilding isn’t as effective as far as weight loss is concerned.

Now consider this: It has been shown in new surveys that when people participate in workout routines that use all the muscle groups they can burn up to twice as many calories in less time as compared to other less intense workouts that only focus only on certain muscle groups.

P90X strives to use all the muscle groups and not to try and build or enlarge specific muscles. The idea is to create a sculpted beach body that is always burning calories-even while you dream! P90X accomplishes this by intense workouts that will work all the muscle groups and yet carve out each group.

The workouts were designed with the beginner in mind. Tony Horton made them with the idea that people who do the workout will become stronger as they move through the program. Each phase gets you ready for the next phase. As the phases progress they become more and more demanding. This will not let your body become used to the movements. You don’t want your body to become adapted to the exercises because it will result in a plateau in your weight loss. This stems from the concept that when you first start a fitness program that your body isn’t used to, you loose weight quickly. But as your body becomes accustom to the program (because of doing the same exact routine all the time) it adapts to the exercises in the program. This is when your weight loss “plateaus”. The P90X routines are different for everyday so you don’t become bored and your muscles can never completely adapt to the movements.

As you can tell by reading through this article, P90X is very different from other fitness programs you may have tried in the past. It is based on more complex concepts than go deeper than “just do exercise and loose weight”.